2XCOOL Sports Medicine Boots

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2XCool Cinch

2XCool Girths

6 1/2" Medium Lifter Series

7 Shank

76 Shank

8 1/4" Long Lifter Series

900 Series


All-Purpose Bell Boots

Alpaca Cinches

Awards Ladies Jacket

Ballistic Overreach Boots



Baseball Caps - BCPC

Bath Time and More

Beaded Rope Halter HRB

Bearpaw (1/2" and 3/4") CXBP CXHDBP

Bit Accessories

Bit Accessories

Boot Bag - HA-912


Braids and Bags

Breast Collar - BC500

Breast Collars

Bridle Bag - HA-910


Bucket Straps - PCBS


  • B9005 HEEL BUCKLE KEEPER TUR FEATHER 5_8 in    B9005.jpg
  • B9004 CONCHO TUR FEATHER 1in    B9004.jpg
  • B9003 HEEL BUCKLE KEEPER TUR FEATHER 3_4in    B9003.jpg
  • B8004T Concho - Turquoise    B8004T.jpg
  • B8004R Concho - Red    B8004R.jpg
  • B7004 Concho - Silver    B7004.jpg
  • B7003 B7005 Center Bar Buckles    B7005.jpg
  • B6004 B6154 B6344 Concho - Sunflower    B6004.jpg
  • B6003 B6005 Centerbar Buckle Silver    B6005.jpg
  • B5055 Heel Buckle and Keeper Elvis-5_8 inch    B5005.jpg
  • B5003 Heel Buckle and Keeper Elvis-3_4 inch    B5003.jpg
  • B4005 Centerbar Buckle Daisy-5_8 inch    B4005.jpg
  • B4004 Concho Daisy- 1 inch    B4004.jpg
  • B4003 Centerbar Buckle Daisy-3_4 inch    B4003.jpg
  • B3005T Centerbar Buckle Feather- 5_8 inch Turquoise    B3005T.jpg
  • B3005R Centerbar Buckle Feather- 5_8 inch Red    B3005R.jpg
  • B3005R Centerbar Buckle Arrow- 5_8 inch Red    B3005R.jpg
  • B3005B Centerbar Buckle Feather- 5_8 inch Black    B3005B.jpg
  • B3005 Centerbar Buckle Feather- 5_8 inch    B3005.jpg
  • B3004 Concho Feather- 1 inch    B3004.jpg
  • B3003 Centerbar Buckle Feather- 3_4 inch    B3003.jpg
  • B2005B Centerbar Buckle Arrow- 5_8 inch Black    B2005B.jpg
  • B2005 Centerbar Buckle Arrow- 5_8 inch    B2005.jpg
  • B2003 Centerbar Buckle Arrow- 3_4 inch    B2003.jpg
  • B1015 Heel Buckle and Keeper Rasp- 5_8 inch    B1015.jpg
  • B1005 Centerbar Buckle Rasp- 5_8 inch    B1005.jpg
  • B1003 Centerbar Buckle Rasp- 3_4 inch    B1003.jpg
  • B1001 Centerbar Buckle Rasp- 1 inch    B1001.jpg

Byron Collection


Carry All Bag - PCBCA

Cell Phone Cases

Cinch, Billet and Hobble Straps

Coat Bag - HA-911

Collapsible Bucket

Combination Series

Combo Bandage - CB100

Comfort Fit Steam Pressed Felt Pads

Comfort-Fit Fly Mask

Comfort-Fit Fly Neck Cover

Comfort-Fit Fly Sheet

Comfort-Fit Low Back Support

Competitor Splint Boots - SPB152

Contoured Girths

  • CMGF-CHO Fleece Contoured Monoflap Girth    CMGF-CHO.jpg
  • CMG - Contoured Monoflap Girth    CMG.jpg
  • CJGF-CHO Fleece Contoured Jump Girth    CJGF.jpg
  • CJG-CHO - Contoured Jump Girth    CJG.jpg
  • CJG-BLA - Contoured Jump Girth    CJG-BLA.jpg
  • CDGF-BLA Fleece Contoured Dressage Girth    CDGF-BLA.jpg
  • CDG - Contoured Dressage Girth    CDG.jpg
  • CBMG-CHO - Contoured Belly Guard Monoflap Girth    CBMG.jpg
  • CBMG-BLA - Contoured Belly Guard Monoflap Girth    CBMG-BLA.jpg
  • CBJG-CHO - Contoured Belly Guard Jump Girth    CBJG.jpg
  • CBJG-BLA - Contoured Belly Guard Jump Girth    CBJG-BLA.jpg

Cotton Day Sheet - PCDSC

Cotton Lead Rope

Cow Horse Bit

Cowboy Braided Halter

Cowhand Spurs

Curb Straps and Bit Hobble


D Ring Snaffle

D-Ring Series

Daisy Collection

Dally Horn Wrap - DHW-BLA

Deluxe 100% Wool Pads

Deluxe 76

Deluxe Fly Boots

Deluxe Silva

Deluxe Tail Bag

Derby Bit 6.75"

Dot Shank

Dot Spurs

Ear Bonnets

Easy On Rope Halter-HRE

Easy-Fit Splint Boots - SPB156

Easy-On Rubber Bell Boots

Educational Product Information

Below are links to download PDF's of our educational product information featured in the "Did You Know" series. These PDF's can be used for both web marketing and print.

El Dorado (Merino Wool) - CXHDE

Elevation Gag

English Saddle Case - HA-914

English Saddle Cover - HA-913

Equisential Fly Mask

Equisential Standing Bandages

Equisential ™ Fleece Cinch - EQFLC

Feather Shank

Feather Spurs















Floral Spurs

Foldable Hanging Bag HA-924

Fuse Navajo/Steam-Pressed Pad

Futurity Bit 5.5"

Futurity Bit 6.5"

Gag Series

Gina Miles Contoured Saddle Pad - GMSP100

Gina Miles Square Saddle Pad - GMSP200

Great Grooming Items

Greeley Bits

Gun Metal





Hand to Horse - CXHH CXHDHH

Hanging Bucket Holder - PCBH

Helmet Bag-HA-922

Hock Ice Boot


Horse Hoodie

Human Therapy Products

Ice Cells - IC-200

Into the Storm - CXIS CXHDIS

Jalepeno Contoured Pad - WSPCJ

Knee Boots

Lady Vest

Leather Skid Boot LSB

Lifter Series


Lunge Lines

Magnetic Hock Boots

Medium Feed Hay Bag - PCHBM

Medium Port BIts

  • Medium Port with Roller AVB-102    AVB102.jpg
  • Medium Port AVB-103    AVB103.jpg
  • Leaf Shank with Medium Port & Copper Bars AVB-140    AVB140.jpg
















Merino Wool

Mesh XC Pad EPM500

Mesquite Saddle Pad - WSPM

Mini Mane Rainbow Brush

Miracle Knee Support


MOD Paddle Brush - Wood

Mod Paddle Brushes


Natural Bristle Series

NB4 - Casa Zia Navajo Blanket

NB5 - Double Weave Navajo Blanket

Non-Slip Pad

Noseband and Cavesons

Nylon Halters

O Ring Series

O Ring Snaffle

Ocotillo Saddle Pad - WSPCO


Other Bob Avila Bits

PC 1200D Rain Sheet - PCRS

PC 1200D Winter Blanket - PCWB

PC Collection

PC Cooler


PC Hay Bag PCHB100

PC Hay Net Slow Feed - PCHNS

PC Heavy Duty Tote

PC Nylon Day Sheet - PCDS

PC Pommel Bags-PCPB

PC Scratch Free Hay Bag-PCHBNH

PC Tack Tote

PC Tote Bag

PCAR200 - Roper Elite Pad

PCAR400 - Barrel Elite Pad

PCB-900 Series

Performance Long Shank

Performance Short Shank

Polo Wraps - Patterns

Polo Wraps - Satin

Polo Wraps - Solids

Poly Lead Rope

Pony D-Ring

Pony Loose Ring

Pony Paints

Private Collection

Pro Mesh Show Jump Boots

Pro Performance Pro Mesh Show Jump Boots are a hybrid of our current Pro Performance XC boots and Pro Performance Show Jump boots. These boots are made of the same great technologies found in the Pro Performance XC boots: Pro Mesh material and an updated Pebax® strike guard. The Pro Mesh material is composed of a TPU that is directly injected into a breathable mesh fabric. This no glue, no lamination, and no stitching process creates an unbreakable bond. The result is a rip-stop, breathable... read more »

Pro Performance Elite XC Boots

Pro Performance Hybrid Splint Boots

Pro Performance Rear XC Boots

Product Imagery Downloads

We offer high quality imagery of all our current product line free for downloading! These images are high resolution and can be used for both print and web marketing. If you have any questions please contact us

Professional's Choice Advertisements

Professional's Choice logos

Pull On Rubber Bell Boots

Quest (Merino Wool) - CXHDQ

Quick-Wrap Bell Boots

Quickwrap Bandage

Quickwrap Bandages

Ranger Bits


Rasp Shank

Rear Ankle Boots - AB151


Rope Bag - RB

Rope Bag Backpack - RBB

Rope Bag Deluxe - RBD

Rope Gag

Rope Halter - HR


Roper II Pads

Roping Gloves

Route 66

Saddle Pad Case - HA-916

Saddle Pad Liners

Safety data sheets

Bug Balm - Underbelly Balm Mug Balm Muck Itch Hoof Polish - Blue Hoof Polish - Gold Hoof Polish - Pink Hoof Polish - Purple Hoof Polish - Red Hoof Polish - Silver Hoof Polish - Turquoise Pony Paint - Blue Pony Paint - Hot Pink Pony Paint - Lavender Pony Paint - Lime Pony Paint - Red Pony Paint - Turquoise Pony Paint - White Sparkle and Shine - Blue Sparkle and Shine - Gold Sparkle and Shine - Lime Sparkle and... read more »

Santa Maria Collection

Santa Rosa Collection

Satin Dressage Pad EPS520

Satin Jump Pad EPS510

Serpentine (1/2" and 3/4" Air Ride) CXSP CXHDSP

Seven Shank

Sharp Shooter (1/2" and 3/4" Air Ride) CXSS CXHDSS

Shilloh (Merino Wool) AXHDS

Show Jumping

Side Pulls

  • RH8144-T Twisted Snaffle Ranch Combo Bridle    PCB-971.jpg
  • RH8144-S Smooth Snaffle Ranch Combo Bridle    PCB-970.jpg
  • RH8144 Ranch Combination Bridle    RH8144.jpg
  • RH8080 Ranch Lariat Nose Side Pull    RH8080.jpg
  • 8092 D and S Leather Nose Side Pull    8092.jpg
  • 8090 Round Leather Nose Side Pull - on horse    8090_onhorse.jpg

Signature Shank

Silva Shank

Silver Spurs

SKBV400 - Short


Slick Bands

Sliding Gag

Slow Feeder Hay Bag - PCHBS

Small Flower

Small Pouch - HA-925

SMB 3 Sports Medicine Boots

SMB Combo Boots

SMBII Sports Medice Boots

SMx Air Ride All-Around - ARAA

SMx English Girth

SMx Performance Cinch

SMx VenTECH Combo English Girth

SMx VenTECH Contoured

SMx VenTECH English Girth

SMx VenTECH Western Cinch

SMx Western Cinch



Soaking Boots

Soft Beverage Cooler PCSBC

Soft Touch Flat Curry

Soft Touch Flex Series

Soft Touch Mane Comb

Sparkle and Shine Gel

Spartan II

Split Ear

Spur Straps