About Us

In 1976 Professional’s Choice founder and president, Dal Scott, broke his leg in a horseback riding accident. To assist in a more comfortable and speedy recovery, he developed a neoprene orthopedic product. This was the start of Dricast Orthopedics, Inc.

Because of Scott’s passion for horses, it didn’t take long to redirect the company focus to the equine industry. In 1986 he began manufacturing therapeutic equine products, and Scott renamed the company Professional’s Choice Sports Medicine Products, Inc. The Professional’s Choice research and development team then went to work on what is now known around the world as the Original Sports Medicine Boot. Scientific and clinical studies created the best protective and shock absorbing leg care boots available; the Professional’s Choice Sports Medicine Boot made its debut in 1990.

In 2004 Professional’s Choice introduced a major breakthrough in saddle pad technology with benefits for both horse and rider. The new generation SMx Air-Ride™ Saddle Pad utilizes a new, patented material known as Brock™ that allows air to circulate, resulting in heat dispersion and moisture evaporation. This saddle pad is lightweight, distributes weight evenly and is compression resistant, making it an incredibly long lasting pad.

2005 marked the introduction of the SMB Elite™. The Elite™ Sports Medicine Boot is lightweight and contoured to ensure a perfect, glove-like fit and to keep dirt out. Exclusive materials and multi-layered construction provide 360 degrees of protection and absorbs and dissipates negative energy from hoof concussion, while the uniquely designed suspensory strap helps to prevent hyperextension of the fetlock. This boot is the ultimate in equine leg protection.

In 2009 Scott made the decision to move a substantial portion of his off-shore manufacturing business back to the southern California facility. This move allowed Scott to save upwards of twenty American jobs and caught the attention of international news center CNN. On July 28, the CNN news team paid a visit to Professional’s Choice to shoot a segment on “re-shoring.” The segment aired that evening in primetime on Lou Dobbs Tonight.

2010 marked the complete reengineering of several Professional’s Choice core products and the release of VenTECH™ technology. This advanced new technology incorporates ventilated neoprene, which in addition to making these products breathable, also enhances the products overall performance. “I didn’t think our Sports Medicine products could be improved until we reengineered them with VenTECH™ technology. The perforation provides added stretch, making them more flexible, breathable and more supportive. They actually perform better than ever before.” – Monty Crist, General Manager.

2011 Scott’s daughter Michele began an extensive research and development process to add a full line of English equestrian products to the Professional’s line, and put forth the motto that Professional’s Choice is a company to fit the needs of every horse.

2012 Dal Scott passed away due to complications from Multiple Systems Atrophy. His wife Nina and daughter Michele made the commitment to continue maintaining the company as a family business.

2013 A new line of English bits designed by Olympic silver medalist Gina Miles, as well as expanding the English leg care line with new options. Also, now offereing our Comfort-Fit Navajo Saddle pads in Felt bottom.

2014 Now with Advanced Smx Air Ride™ technology, these saddle pads feature a new Air Ride™ core that is more flexible, lighter, and longer lasting. A softer, more pliable core better molds to each horse’s unique body structure, while a lighter design increases breathability and comfort.

2015 Professional’s Choice launched the new Pro Performance series based on exciting new technologies. The Pro Performance line has contributed greatly to the growth of the English products that PC promotes. Along with this launch Professional’s Choice became the official equine boot company of both the USEA and the USHJA.

2016  After acquiring Tail Tamer late 2015, Professional’s Choice was pleased to take on an entire line of quality grooming supplies and added horsemen’s accessories.

Professional’s Choice continues to be a market leader renowned for revolutionizing the equine industry through diligent scientific research and producing the highest quality products strictly for the horse’s safety and well-being. This leadership position has earned Professional’s Choice the respect of top trainers, professionals and everyday horsemen all over the world.


“The more comfortable the horse the better the performance”, if your horse is not wearing the correct equipment you cannot expect it to perform at its best. All our products are designed with the horse’s safety and comfort in mind.