Pro Performance

X-Country Boots

Pro Performance XC Boots are designed with a mesh outer layer that provides 360 degree protection with a lightweight rip stop surface that won’t retain water and is breathable to aid in cooling of the legs. The non-slip lining prevents slipping and rubbing. Inside the boot is a revolutionary strike guard made from high quality Pebax that is flexible and conforms to the shape of the leg, but will harden to a rigid protective wall upon impact. Sold in Front and Hind Pairs.

Show Jumping

Schooling Boots

Pro Performance Schooling Boots are the armor you need for your horse’s legs. The Schooling Boot utilizes a honeycomb hex patterned TPU material which reduces weight while offering the optimum combination of breathability, support, durability, impact shock protection, airflow, strength and flexibility. The boots are made with an ecofriendly, anti-bacterial foam lining, are water resistant, and are machine washable. Sold in pairs.

Pro Performance Hybrid Splint Boots

Pro Mesh Show Jump Boots

Pro Performance Pro Mesh Show Jump Boots are a hybrid of our current Pro Performance XC boots and Pro Performance Show Jump boots. These boots are made of the same great technologies found in the Pro Performance XC boots: Pro Mesh material and an updated Pebax® strike guard. The Pro Mesh material is composed of a TPU that is directly injected into a breathable mesh fabric. This no glue, no lamination, and no stitching process creates an unbreakable bond. The result is a rip-stop, more »