Comfort Stretch Western Cinch

Professional’s Choice Sports Medicine Products Inc., the inventor of the ever popular sports medicine products widely used throughout the equine industry, have introduced their latest sports medicine product, the SMx® Comfort-Stretch Western Cinch.

The SMx® Comfort-Stretch Western Cinch is a revolutionary combination of premium elastic and neoprene that permits the center of the cinch to stretch with the horse as it works. The neoprene prevents bacterial buildup and saddle and pad slippage. The elastic is in the center of the cinch, allowing pressure to be evenly distributed across the entire cinch.

According to a study conducted by the University of Melbourne, over-tightening of cinches and girths significantly reduces rib motion and lung volume which has a negative effect on a horse’s performance. Properly using a cinch that stretches helps prevent the possibility of over-tightening by dramatically decreasing tension across the sternum and thus allows the horse to achieve optimal performance and comfort.

When asked how this product differs from other western cinches, Dal Scott, Professional’s Choice President/Founder stated, “This product will truly allow you to take your horse’s comfort and performance to the next level. If you love your horse, you’ll love this product.”

Professional’s Choice is known for their pioneering ideas and new additions to the equine sports medicine industry. John Lyons expressed his enthusiasm for the product saying, “It is the most advanced western cinch on the planet. It allows your horse to move, breath and perform at its best. It’s the most comfortable cinch you can use on your horse.”

During the final product development stages of the SMx® Comfort-Stretch Western Cinch, many equine professionals were contacted for their input. These professionals provided great feedback, which was well received by Professional’s Choice.

“I loved the cinch. It worked well on a round backed horse; the saddle stayed in place and the flexibility allowed the horses ribs to move. It works great in working cow horse events also, where a secure saddle means the difference between life and death.” – Monica Albair, Reining/Cow Horse Trainer (5th place NRHA World)

“I found the cinch fit really well. It had a nice secure feel with no saddle movement. As with all Professional’s Choice products, it is top of the line.” – Bill Porcher, Western Pleasure Trainer (USEF & APAHA winner)

“I ride over 8 hours a day in all different conditions and the cinch never made my horse sore.” – Cindy Widner, Avid Trail Rider

“I used the cinch while rounding up cows, during some hard riding and sweating, and various other activities and it worked great. Seems to hold up well and washes up to look like new after a year of use and testing.” – Phyllis Jess, Barrel Racer/Rancher (WBRA Lifetime Member)

“This cinch allows the rib cage to expand which means no restriction to the horses breathing or oxygen recovery. This is the only cinch I use now.” – Betty Breaux-Muzio, Barrel Racer (WPRA Gold Card Member)

The more comfortable the horse, the better the performance.

Professional’s Choice is a pioneer in producing products strictly with the well being of the horse in mind. As inventor and manufacturer of the original patented Sports Medicine Boot, the SMB Elite™ and the SMx Air Ride™ Saddle Pad, Professional’s Choice continually produces high quality products recognized by top trainers, professionals and everyday horseman all over the world.

To locate an authorized Professional’s Choice dealer near you, call 800-331-9421 or use the Professional’s Choice Online Dealer Locator tool.

Professional’s Choice, a manufacturer of equine and orthopedic products, is renowned in the equine industry for its innovative products. As inventor and manufacturer of the original patented Sports Medicine Boot, the SMB Elite™ and the SMx Air Ride™ Saddle Pad and authorized licensee for Wrangler Apparel Corp., manufacturing Wrangler® and Twenty X™ equine products, gear bags and luggage, Professional’s Choice has earned the respect of top trainers, professionals and everyday horseman alike. For more information, or, for the location of your nearest authorized dealer, please contact Professional’s Choice Sports Medicine Products, Inc., at 800-331-9421, or visit them on the web at

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