The other night some friends and I got on the topic of horses. Imagine that! And, after a couple of glasses of wine our conversation grew quite philosophical. We all agreed that without horses, we wouldn't be where we are today as a civilization and culture. The advancements that our equine partners have provided us with are in many ways a miracle and they are the footing (no pun intended) for thousands of major historical events. Wars have been waged on horseback, transportation for centuries was done via the horse which brought us mail which allowed us to communicate, helped us trade and wage in commodities--and on and on. Thinking about this gave me an idea!

I'd like to try something new on the blog as a weekly article and hope our readers will participate. I think it's important to chronicle the history of the horse and I believe that because of the fact that they are so much of the reason as to who we are as a society today--whether you have horses or don't have them, whether you adore them or can't stand them--the fact remains that this is true. So, I'm hoping you will help me--if you have a historical tidbit about a specific horse who helped shape our future or a group of horses (say in battle or via The Pony Express) e-mail me at and I will put a little time and effort into researching history and post about it. Anyone who comments with a story or tidbit will become eligible to win a Professional's Choice product in what I am calling the ProfChoice.blogspot monthly drawing!

The value of the horse is, well, invaluable. That's why our philosophy here at Professional's Choice is all about making the horse's life more comfortable, their careers lasting longer, and their lives easier. It is truly about the horse and giving back to him. If we were to take our focus off of that fact, we would be just another company making products that might make us money because they sell, but wouldn't achieve what we strive to do everyday be it in developing new products, improving core products, researching and turning that research into data to see if our theories work. It's why we have studies that back up the fact that our Sports Medicine Boots absorb on average 26 % of negative hoof concussion.

Bottom line--it is about the horse. It has to be. look at all they've done for us. Now get out your history books and send me your stories!

Michele Scott
Vice President

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