Sally Cousins #RoadtoRolex

Sally Cousins on the Road to Rolex

Sally Cousins - Journey to Rolex 2015 #RoadtoRolex

I have been to Rolex a couple times and this year I am taking a horse named Tsunami, she’s a horse with a lot of experience, she’s a great cross country horse very fast, I’m keeping my fingers crossed we make it to the top this year. Her temperament is hot, opinionated, and she does everything I want her to do. She has been to rolex 3 times total. I started eventing through pony club, and started riding in the advanced level in my late teens.

What I’ve learned about Tsunami, is that she doesn’t gallop well at home, we try to keep her at a lot of trotting, and the big thing for her is to keep her physically and mentally happy so we can actually get to rolex. For me, I try not to ride too many in the preceding weeks, I try to only work with her and not with too many of the newer horses.

Rolex is just magic, Its always my goal for the year, it’s just a great experience and a really great challenge. My favorite Rolex moment was when I took Tsunami there for the first time and she crossed the finish line, she loved it and I loved it!

- Sally

Tsunami/Sarah Cousins accepted.

Tsunami/Sarah Cousins accepted.

Dressage #day1
Tsunami/Sarah Cousins Dressage Day 1 RolexSally Cousin at Rolex 2015 - Dressage Day 1
Sally Cousin at Rolex 2015 - Dressage Day 1
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