Barb Crabo #RoadtoRolex

Barb Crabo on the Road to Rolex

Barb Crabo - Journey to Rolex 2015 #RoadtoRolex

The best thing about my relationship with Ready is how long we've been together and how much we've been through. He helped me through my pregnancy 12 years ago. He was the first and only one that I would ride with a severely broken femur 7 years ago. I saw him be born and still have his 28 year old mother. I love that horse more than I can put into words. I think he feels the same way for me. And he REALLY loves cross country!

- Barb

Eveready / Barb Crabo accepted.

Eveready / Barb Crabo accepted.

Dressage #day2
Barbara Crabo Rolex 2015 Dressage Day2Barbara Crabo Rolex 2015 Dressage Day2
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