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Gina Miles

Gina Miles | Eventing

Gina Miles represented the United States at the 2008 Beijing Olympics where she earned the silver medal in the individual Eventing competition. She is a United States Eventing Association ICP Level III Certified Instructor and is also a United States Pony Club graduate “A”, as well as a current USPC National Examiner. Professional’s Choice manufactures a full line of Gina Miles bits.


David Blake

David Blake | Dressage

David Blake began riding at four years old in Paris, France and won his Bronze Medal in Dressage at only fourteen. David went on to win his USDF Silver Medal in 1998 and Gold Medal in 2003. From there David was chosen to train I the USEF’s Young Horse Program and trained with the world’s top dressage riders including Axel Steiner, Jan Ebeling, and Christine Traurig. Today David works and trains alongside Steffen and Shannon Peters in Del Mar, California.  

 Terri A. Rocovich  

Terri A. Rocovich | Dressage

USPC National Testing Committee Chair
USPC National Examiner
USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist
USEA ICP Certified Trainer

"My journey as an equestrian is all about the partnership. Dressage is, by definition, a seamless, symbiotic connection with your horse. The bond I have with my horses transcends the competitive arena. Uiver and Sawyer are my friends, my family and my partners. They give me their heart and soul every time we step into an arena, and no matter how lofty the goals and whether they are reached, I am still living the dream along the way. Keeping them happy, comfortable and protected is important above all else. That is why I use Professional’s Choice products. They understand “the more comfortable the horse, the better the performance."


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