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Professional’s Choice is the only producer of equine merchandise that continually invests a tremendous amount of research into its current products. If you see that Professional's Choice name on a product, you can be assured that it contains the finest materials, has been tested over and over, and will work for you. We are constantly in search of new designs and technologies to apply to our products. Yes, we love our current products, but in our continued pursuit of excellence, "innovation" is a key component of the Professional’s Choice philosophy.

neoprene wrist support



The new VenTECH technology is lightweight, breathable, contoured, and engineered with circulating grooves to create a cooling air flow and to allow heat and moisture to escape. This keeps your horse cool, comfortable, and performing at its best. You can find VenTECH technology in our Elite® boots, cinches, girths, Ballistic Protection Boots, Leather Open Front Boot, Splint Boot, Standing Wraps, and Slide-Tec Skid Boots.

ultrashock supports on a horse's legs


This lining is excellent for absorbing energy. It conforms to your horse and provides superior protection. The Ultrashock™ technology can be found in all of our protective boots and many other Professional's Choice products.



All Professional’s Choice SMx saddle pads are specially designed with a breathable patented material that allows air to circulate, accelerating heat dispersion which cools the horse's back, a feature that prevents your horse from overheating, keeping them comfortable. When tested at Oklahoma University, SMx Air Ride™ saddle pads were found to be shock absorbent, and dispersed weight and pressure away from the horse’s body while protecting the riders back. SMx Air Ride™ technology is light weight and flexible.

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