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What is the difference between the Ballistic Overreach Boots and Quick-Wrap Bell Boots?

Ballistic Overreach Boots have a "no-turn" design and protect the back of the hoof from overreaching with some side protection. They have a double hook & loop closure in the front and the outer shell and binding are made of Dupont Ballistic™ nylon. Quick-Wrap bell boots are made with the same neoprene and Ultrashock™ lining as Sports Medicine Boots and are available colors to match. They give 360-degree protection to the hoof and coronet band, and have Ballistic™ binding on the bottom edge.

How do you clean saddle pads and boots?

We recommend the following for all Professional's Choice Products: Hand wash and/or hose off the products with a pressure nozzle. If necessary, use a mild liquid soap to remove excess dirt and sweat. Woolite® or horse shampoo work well. Rinse the products well with cold water and allow them to air-dry. When drying saddle pads, place them on a rail or fence with the bottom side up. This helps protect the outside fabric from fading. DO NOT WASH SADDLE PADS OR BOOTS IN A WASHING MACHINE. Machine washing can cause damage and voids the warranty. Do not soak boots or machine wash them.

What size Sports Medicine Boots will fit my horse, and are the front and rears different?

Size is determined primarily by the circumference of the fetlock joint. To ensure a proper fit, measure the circumference of the fetlock at the widest point and use the appropriate sizing chart. Sports Medicine Boots II: SMBIIs come in five sizes and are designed to fit either front or hind legs. SMBII boots get larger in circumference with each size in direct relation to height. Many horses will wear a larger size on the hind legs, but if you have quite a bit of overlap on a medium boot on the front leg, your horse may take the same size on his hind legs. SMB Elite: The SMB Elite has separate, unique designs for front and rear legs. Generally, your horse will wear the same size on both front and rear legs, as the size difference was taken into consideration in the design, but measure to be sure. The SMB Elite comes in three sizes for both front and rear boots. Make sure you specify front or rear when ordering.

How long can my horse wear Sports Medicine Boots?

Maximum wear time is four hours for all boots except the VenTECH™ Elites which can be worn longer due to its breathable neoprene.

How are cinches and girths measured?

Both are measured from end of buckle to end of buckle.

How can I determine what size saddle pad I need?

Measure a pad you are currently using if you like the fit, or measure your saddle front to back and across, and add approximately four inches. For example, if your saddle is 28 inches in length, you will need at least a 32x34 saddle pad. The size of your horse and the form of his back will also determine the size of pad you need.

Is the extra padding on the OrthoSport™ models a better choice for all horses?
We designed the OrthoSport pads with extra padding just behind the shoulders and along either side of the spine. This gives a better fit on horses that are a little hollow behind the shoulders or high-withered. The design also works well on most roping horses due to the extra shock absorption. You would not need this type of pad on a very round horse with little or no withers. It is an especially good pad for older horses.

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