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Professional’s Choice continues to be a market leader renowned for revolutionizing the equine industry through diligent scientific research and by producing the highest quality products strictly for the horse’s safety and well-being. This leadership position has earned Professional’s Choice the respect of top trainers, professionals and everyday horsemen all over the world. The relationships between Professional’s Choice and their corporate partners define the true meaning of partnership, built upon a solid commitment to supporting each other’s philosophies. These partnerships operate on a two-way street; therefore our bond is built on trust and respect, and the mutual interest in improving the welfare of horses everywhere.

ACTRA Logo:  American Cowboys Team Roping AssocACTRA (American Cowboys Team Roping Association)

ACTRA is the largest non-profit team roping organization in the United States. It was founded in 1983 and has chapters in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Canada (British Columbia), Wyoming, Arizona, Utah and Montana. ACTRA is owned by its members and run by its members. ACTRA believes in taking care of its members to the best of their ability not only in the individual chapters but on the national level as well. It is ACTRA’s goal to provide an organization that families, as well as professional ropers, can be proud to be a member of - as their motto so eloquently states, “ACTRA, Where Families Come to Rope!”

AQHA Logo: American Quarter Horse AssociationAQHA (American Quarter Horse Association)

Founded to promote, preserve and record the pedigrees of the American Quarter Horse, while also offering educational services, AQHA members share a passion for the American Quarter Horse and the vast lifestyle created by the world’s most popular horse. From seasoned horse show veterans, fans of the race track to the backyard horse enthusiast the AQHA has something for everyone. Professional’s Choice has been a corporate partner with the AQHA for over a decade, sponsoring product prizes at Regional Experiences, the Youth World Show and the World Show.

NBHA Logo: National Barrel Horse AssociationNBHA (National Barrel Horse Association)

The NBHA is the largest barrel racing organization in the world which allows riders of all skill levels a chance to win money and prizes at barrel racing competitions. In 1992, the NBHA revolutionized the barrel racing industry by pioneering the divisional format, which allows riders of all skill levels a chance to win. The NBHA has over 23,000 members of all ages across the United States and affiliates in twelve countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Whether you’re an experienced rodeo rider, a top futurity trainer, a weekend jackpot competitor or a beginning barrel racer, the NBHA is right for you!

NHSRA Logo: National High School Rodeo AssociationNHSRA (National High School Rodeo Association)

The NHSRA is a youth based organization dedicated to the positive image of rodeo, the western heritage, and promoting the highest regard for livestock supporting youth and the love of rodeo. The association continues to have a dramatic impact on the lives of over 10,500 students in the United States, Canada, and Australia. The creation of the Junior High Division in 2004 helped bring the excitement, mentorship, and thrills of rodeo to a new generation of junior high school students. With each passing year, the association continues to build upon its legacy of promoting the sport, while also supporting and preparing the future leaders of our society.

Ropings 4 Ropers LogoR4R (Ropings for Ropers)

R4R is proud to announce the beginning of a new era in team roping! R4R is an association that is consistently putting its membership ahead of the rest. The main goal of R4R is to keep the money with the members and allow them to reap the benefits of their participation. R4R feels that with its strong support system that includes: sponsors, contestants, stock contractors, and arena operators, R4R will be able to provide a sport that is enjoyable, affordable, and profitable for all levels of participants.

USEAUnited States Eventing Association

The USEA is a non-profit 501 C (3), educational organization committed to providing eventing enthusiasts with a competitive level suited to their individual skills. By assisting and educating competitors, event organizers and officials; maintaining responsible safety standards; and registering qualified competitions and clinics, the USEA offers a strong and continuous training opportunity for an ever-expanding field of world-class competitors. Just as importantly, the USEA provides a means for all riders, regardless of age or ability, to experience the thrill of eventing. Professisonal's Choice is now named the Official Horse Boot of the United States Eventing Association. To learn more about the USEA, visit

USEAPony Club

The United States Pony Clubs, Inc., develops character, leadership, confidence and a sense of community in youth through a program that teaches the care of horses and ponies, riding and mounted sports. To learn more about the Pony Club, visit