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  • May 09 2018 Outfit of the Week! WATERMELON


  • Apr 23 2014 Alliston Works to Overcome Head Shaking with Long-Time Partner, Parker

    James Alliston

    In the last two weeks leading to up to Rolex I’ve been working very hard to prepare my own horse, Parker, for his fourth trip to Rolex. Parker is the first horse I bought when I came to America and has been a crucial part of... Read More >>

  • Apr 22 2014 Caitlin Siliman talks about her journey to the Rolex

    Caitlin Siliman

    Rolex 2014. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and when it comes to my horse Catch A Star aka “Hoku” and I, I would say that this saying pretty much defines our career and partnership. I... Read More >>

  • Apr 21 2014 Deborah Rosen - Rolex 2014

    Deborah Rosen

    Rolex 2014.  I doubt anyone was more surprised than I to see my name on that entry list again. It has been almost two years since I turned over the ride on The Alchemyst, first to Canadian team rider, James Atkinson, then to a young rider candidate.... Read More >>

  • Apr 03 2012 Great Way to Wrap up March

    The last weekend of March was a great one for Professional’s Choice. The English side had a great weekend in Eventing with James Alliston winning the Galway Downs CIC3* Event on Jumbo’s Jake. To make it even more amazing he got second on Tivoli, a new horse for him. These horses are total opposites, with Jumbo’s Jake being calm and steady as opposed to Tivoli who is a hot... Read More >>

  • Mar 24 2011 Should I Boot My Horse?

    To boot, or not to boot, becomes a frequently asked question.... Read More >>

  • Mar 24 2011 Colin Davidson, 29, Passes Away

    Advanced-level eventer Colin Davidson, 29, passed away December 6th, after a one-car accident near his home in Charlottesville, Va. Davidson. Colin was an organ donor and his family decided to concede to his wishes. Originally from South Conway, N.H., competed through the four-star level on his horse Draco and was named to the 2010 U.S. Equestrian Federation's Eventing Developing Rider... Read More >>

  • Nov 24 2010 A Beautiful Day

    It is said that everyone will experience their fifteen minutes of fame, but more importantly, everyone should experience a moment where they feel truly loved. This moment of love came for me this weekend. Two months ago, I was involved in a life changing accident. To help pay for some of the medical bills and expenses, my friends decided to put on a Cowboy Challenge horse show and donate... Read More >>

  • Nov 12 2010 Al Dunning and VenTECH™ Elites

    I wanted to take a brief moment to highlight one of our great sponsors.Arizona horseman Al Dunning and his students have earned over 32 World and Reserve titles.

    Al also loves our products! Check out this quote from his November newsletter, "Professional's Choice has a new, innovative boot that surpasses all of the previous ones that I have tried. The VenTECH Elite Sports Medicine... Read More >>

  • Oct 11 2010 Loyalty is found in the heart

    Today I wanted to touch upon the good and special things in horses. Three weeks ago I was kicked by a... Read More >>

  • Aug 20 2010 Putting the Fun Back in Horse Shows

    My lovely boss asked me (Cassie Hagey) one of the newer Professional's Choice employees to contribute to the blog, seeing as how horses are my favorite thing to talk or write about I am delighted to.

    Reflecting over horse shows recent, long ago, and yet to come, more and more I realize the subtle but all-encompassing importance of being supportive and positive. A week ago, I... Read More >>

  • Jul 21 2010 From Past to Present

    A few weeks ago, when I wrote the blog I mentioned that I was going to blog about some of the stories that helped define who Professional's Choice is today as a company--how and why we got here, what shaped our philosophies, and what helps us provide our equine partners with the best, scientifically tested, and most comfortable products available.

    When going through our archives, I...

  • Jun 22 2010 Do your animals talk back?

    I have this funny, I guess sort of strange thing I do with my animals (all of them). I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this, but honestly I was trying to come up with a few paragraphs for the blog today since I hadn’t gotten to it for some time, and I thought about this thing that I do. I talk to my animals–horses, dogs, and cat and I realize that isn’t so strange because I know a... Read More >>

  • Jun 16 2010 Post For Prizes Winner! Gayle Carline

    Congratulations to Gayle Carline!

    Gayle posted a comment on the PC Blog and was randomly selected as our "Post for Prizes" winner! The Prize - A pair of Leather Protection Boots from Professional's Choice! (Gayle please email me at with sizing and shipping information.)

    Gayle says, "I used to be a software engineer, but I chewed my way out of... Read More >>

  • May 27 2010 Get the Real Story Read More >>
  • May 19 2010 Is a horse just a horse? Or is your horse a family member?

    I am one of those horse people who some horse people think is a nut. When a horse comes into my family, he/she becomes family. I don’t take horse ownership and responsibility lightly. This is a philosophy instilled in me since I... Read More >>

  • May 18 2010 Employee Spotlight: Kristen Davison

    Today on the blog, I want to introduce Kristen... Read More >>

  • May 18 2010 The American Dream

    My parents are American Dreamers. They started Professional's Choice over thirty-six-years ago. There have been some tough times and some great times. I think probably most of the time we are always learning, growing, and striving to make the lives of horses more comfortable.

    I have been asked over the years how the company was started. I have to take credit for that. Well,... Read More >>

  • May 14 2010 Why We Ride

    I am fortunate to have two real driving passions in my life. Obviously, the horses are a huge part of my family's life and mine. I love... Read More >>

  • May 12 2010 The Historical Horse

    The other night some friends and I got on the topic of horses. Imagine that! And, after a couple of glasses of wine our... Read More >>

  • Apr 16 2010 Passion

    Passion is what the equestrian industry is all about. You typically don't get involved with horses and the... Read More >>

  • Apr 09 2010 Talk to the Animals

    I have a question for you...Has anyone ever used an equine communicator? I have actually had a gal "talk," with our pony... Read More >>

  • Apr 08 2010 What Horses do for Us Humans

    Horses provide us humans with so very much. They are our companions. They try hard to understand us. They usually want to please, and at the end of the day they bring a sense of peace into our lives. At least this has been my experience. I can remember being a kid who had a big space between my teeth, lots of freckels and to put it bluntly, I doubt anyone ever called me-cute. I was... Read More >>

  • Apr 07 2010 Professional's Choice Works Hand in Hand with Dr. Joleen Elston

    We are extremely pleased to have a new member on board with The Professional's Choice team. Dr. Jolene Elston is now our veterinarian consultant. Dr. Elston is going to be working with our team to help with research and development, testing of products and also helping to explain how and why Professional's Choice products work with your horse. Dr. Elston will answer questions and concerns... Read More >>

  • Apr 05 2010 Professional's Choice Welcomes Gina Miles


  • Sep 28 2009 Getting Back to the Wild West

    What do two beautiful, talented, champion ladies in completely different extreme equine sports share in common? Why they both use and endorse Professional Choice products! These two gals are blazing new paths in some unique equine competitions as they bring back the Wild West with mounted shooting and mustang makeovers!

    Kenda Lenseigne is the current mounted shooting champion... Read More >>


    Oklahoma City, OK--Record setting triple-digit temperatures and blazing hot scores were the buzz at the 2009 Adequan?/USEF National Reining Championships presented by Equine Motorcoach in Oklahoma City, OK. Held during the annual NRHA Derby, the championships determined the nation's top reining horses and riders after a year of qualification.

    Using portable fans and high-powered...


    Professional's Choice congratulates Steffen Peters on his latest victory in Aachen, Germany. Steffen and Ravel came into the competition fresh off their very exciting win at the Rolex World Cup in Las Vegas. The pair won the Grand Prix, Grand Prix Sp?ciale and the Grand Prix Freestyle, once again upsetting world champion Anky van Grunsven. "I am very glad that Steffen is American, so he... Read More >>

  • Jun 29 2009 Professional's Choice Saves American Jobs

    SAN DIEGO - Dal Scott, owner and founder of Professional's Choice Sports Medicine Products, Inc. makes a commendable decision to move a substantial portion of his manufacturing business back to Southern California. Production was originally sent to China in an effort to decrease internal costs and pass along savings to Professional's Choice customers. However, when Scott realized overseas... Read More >>