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Clear Signal Equine - Snaffle Bit

Mouth: 5”, Cheek: 6”
Clear Signal Bits are designed to eliminate historical bitting problems by providing innovative solutions and clear communication with our equine athletes.  This entire bit has been designed based on extensive research into the anatomy of the horse’s mouth and how the bit functions.  The cheekpiece features a carefully placed curb slot which moves the curb strap back for correct engagement.  The Clear Signal snaffle mouthpiece is double jointed to break over the tongue; eliminating any chance of coming in contact with the pallet, and is textured to aid in lateral signaling to your equine partner, by preventing any side to side slipping. This is a great bit to transition to when coming out of a conventional snaffle, or for general riding.
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• Designed based on extensive research into how the bit functions in a horse’s mouth, with the intent to eliminate historic biting problems
• Feature innovative solutions to enable clear, comfortable communication with our equine partners
• All CSE bits that may be used with a curb strap feature a specifically placed curb strap slot which moves the curb strap back for correct engagement
• The bars of certain mouthpieces are oval shaped instead of round, allowing the horse to hold the bit with the corners of their mouth
• The top ring of the loose cheek bits has been moved back, so it will not interfere with the side of the horse’s mouth when engaged
• Certain CSE bits feature a textured mouthpiece, which provide a clear signal and prevent the bit from slipping through the horse’s mouth
NOTE: These bits will rust when exposed to moisture. This creates a sweet taste in the horse’s mouth and promotes salivati


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