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Innovation, Comfort & Performance

At Professional’s Choice we create products that true horse lovers, like ourselves, can stand behind. Every product at Professional’s Choice is developed to enhance the well being of your horse and to promote long lasting soundness. Not only do we use the best and strongest materials, we support our claims with scientific testing to prove the effectiveness of our products. To learn more about our uniquely designed equine products, we invite you to check out the “Our Research” page to view behind the scenes videos and photos that show how Professional’s Choice products are developed to maximize your horse’s comfort. Be sure to check out the testimonials and articles from people who love the Professional’s Choice brand!

How-To videos

The following videos are provided by Professional’s Choice to assist you with the application of some of our key products.

Ballistic Bell Boot Application

SMB Elite Medicine Boots

Leg Protection: Proper Boot Application

Sports Medicine Combo Boots (SMBC) Application

Fly Mask Application

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